Conference Programme Call for Abstracts

Oceanology Asia 2023 (OA 2023) will be held in Sanya from November 8 to 10, 2023, along with the World Ocean Science and Technology Conference (Hainan) and the series of sub-forums.

The World Ocean Science and Technology Conference (Hainan) will be chaired by Dake Chen, a physical oceanographer and an academician of Chinese Academy. The Conference is expected to gather dozens of experts and scholars from different countries and regions worldwide to share the latest achievements, frontier technologies and prominent cases of global marine science and technology projects during the period.

Speech Topics

□ Ocean New Energy

□ Underwater Information Communication

□ Underwater Technology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

□ Ocean Observation

□ Ocean Remote Sensing

□ Marine Geological Survey and Geophysics

□ Hydrographic Surveying and Charting & Ecological Protection in the South China Sea

□ Marine and Limnetic Ecosystems

Pelagic Fishery Based on Sustainable and Intelligent Equipment

□ Offshore Wind Power, Energy Storage, and Seawater Hydrogen Production

□ Cross-disciplinary Innovation and New Marine Businesses

Application Guidelines Application instruction

Speakers at the World Ocean Science and Technology Conference (Hainan) may share the technologies and services of their organizations but are not allowed to make promotional or marketing-oriented speeches. The content of the presentation should focus on academic discussion, please do not involve sensitive and confidential information of political geopolitical relevance. Please also ensure that you have the right to use all the content submitted in the application form, and the organizer shall not be responsible for any infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights by the speakers. The applicant shall bear the legal responsibility if he/she violates academic integrity and infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of a third party.


September 22,2023

Acceptance notification

The Organizing Committee of the Conference will review the applications and send out acceptance notifications to the speakers in mid-September. The speakers shall submit their final speech manuscripts by October 7, 2023.

Application method:

Click the button to download the “Conference Programme Call for Abstracts Form”, complete the form and submit it to

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