About Oceanology Asia

Oceanology Asia 2023 (OA 2023) will be held in Sanya on 8-10 November, 2023 along with The 11th World Ocean Science and Technology Conference (Hainan).

With an estimated exhibition area of 10,000m2, OA 2023 will invite experts, scholars, and enterprise representatives in the ocean industry to discuss ocean development involving dynamics, frontiers, and trends, highlight breakthroughs in key technologies and Gordian knots, and demonstrate up-to-date ocean technologies and applications. Through interactions including exhibiting achievements, exchanging technologies, discussing applications, and media linkage publicity, it will better improve the industrial system, optimize the product mix, and accelerate achievements to convert, while serving undertakings in natural resources and quickening the pace of developing maritime power. And it's expected that OA 2023 will receive over 4,000 attendees.

Host Supporters :

Ÿ   China Association for Science and Technology

Ÿ   Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China

Ÿ   The People's Government of Hainan Province

Ÿ   The People's Government of Sanya City

Ÿ   Chinese Society for Oceanography

Ÿ   Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology

Ÿ   The Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Exhibition Area


Visitors& Delegation


Exhibitor Profile


Full Service Contractors

Service Providers

Component Manufacturers

Environmental Consultancy

Finance & Insurance

Legal Consultancy

Oil Field Service Companies

Offshore Contractor

Subsea Engineering


Benthic Oceanography

Biological Oceanography

Chemical Oceanography




Hydrographic Survey

Navigation & Positioning

Physical Oceanography





Echo Sounders

Electro Mechanical Sensors

Electro - Optics


Hydrological Instruments

Laser Measurement & Inspection Tools


Companies of equipment manufacturers, supporting manufacturers, technical services and engineering contractors looking to promote their products and services within the

following areas but are not limited to:

Marine information, marine communication equipment, systems and projects

Marine observation and monitoring; Ocean Satellite Remote Sensing

Unmanned aerial vehicles (underwater vehicles, gliders, unmanned ships)

Marine Exploration and Geophysical Services

Seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization

Marine ecological protection and restoration

Marine life and marine medicine

Offshore Construction Platform

Ports and ships

New marine energy

Advisory, financial and insurance services

Other marine science and technology services

Automation & Robotics

Communication Devices

Metereological Devices & Instrumentation

Navigation Devices & Instrumentation

Platforms: AUVs, ROVs & Buoys

Sampling Devices


Subsea Engineering Equipment

Survey Equipment

Equipment Manufacturers

Visitors Profile

■ Association & Media

■ Drilling

■ Education, Training & Research

■ Finance & Insurance

■ Fisheries & Aquaculture

■ Government

■ Marine Environmental

■ Marine Minerals & Mining

■ Marine Science & Academia

■ Navigation & Positioning

■ Oceanic Meteorology

■ Oceanography

■ Offshore Contractor

■ Offshore Construction

■ Offshore Oil & Gas

■ Offshore Renewable Energy

■ Ports & Harbours

■ Research & Development

■ Shipbuilding & Maintenance

■ Subsea Engineering

■ Telecommunications

■ Transport & Shipping


World Ocean Science and Technology Conference (Hainan)

The 11th World Ocean Science and Technology Conference (Hainan) will be held on 8-10 November, 2023, along with Oceanology Asia 2023 (OA 2023). The Conference gives priority to developing technologies for probing deep sea, earth and space, provides forward-looking oceanic theories, builds consensus through academic exchanges, shows equipment and devices of ocean science and technology, and cultivates a new engine for developing high-quality ocean economy, thus accelerating the open collaboration among industries, universities, research institutes and end users, developing ocean high-tech industry and key marine programs, and helping develop ocean science and technology and even the whole ocean-industry chain.


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